Cams Quick Pick: Kid Cudi "Look Up In Da Stars" ft. Wale

Ive got so much to say/I know Ive came so far/You understand my swag/ then you should look up in the stars...Kid Cudi " Look Up in Da Stars" ft. Wale Its hard times right now for many but in spite of all the negativity there still are people in the world who are holding it together, dreaming and fighting to make their dreams come true. Congrats to all the recent college grads!!! Congrats to this years high school grads!!! Congrats to Lebron Mr. MVP!!!  Congrats to anyone attempting to do something constructive with their lives!!! Keep grindin and looking to the stars! [audio=http://kngsrw.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/kid-cudi-look-up-in-da-stars-feat2-wale-hotnewhiphopcom.mp3]