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First of all I'd like to say YES, I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan and yes I'm bittttt... No im not; I am hurt though, however I am happy to see Bron doing his thing. The only way I can justify that is because as much as I feel like I hate it at times, deep down inside it's nice to see him getting his rings I wished he would have got when he was home. I just feel like it would be that much sweeter if it happened at home.

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I saw this floating around I had to give it some flourish. My lil bruh D Mo is from around my way. Pleasure to watch this guy progress. He just keeps getting better and better. Check out the visual and uhhhh I spy a kingsrowe tee ! 

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 When complex.com leaked images of this shoe a month ago, I knew right then that it was love at first site. I, for one, have been head over heels for the Nike Kobe 8 this year. It is easilly the most comfortable shoe on the market and i've been saying that all year. These are "rumored" to release June 7th. Me personally, I didnt want to risk it with the hype that goes on so I had to call up my good friends in Hong Kong. Check out the video review and subcribe to my YouTube channel. ~ Whoisjaewood 

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