Air Jordan Comfort Vis 11

The Air Jordan Comfort Viz 11, which has slated to drop September 4th 2010, hasn't really been a shoe that people were looking forward to dropping, but none the less is a shoe to not be slept on. As more pictures surface the net I hear more and more people talking about grabbing a pair, but where can you grab a pair? Rumors are circulating that only selected Air Jordan retailers have these in stock. So okay what is this shoe? What are its components and where the hell did it come from? In the beginning, pictures were hitting the net of DMV rapper Wale rocking these in random pics, which I'm starting to think that he is in some way shape or form affiliated with nike or brand jordan in some sort of way. This shoe is made up of the Air jordan 11 and the the bottom sole of mid area of the Air Max 1. Lets see how this shoe does on shelves.

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