One Hype After Another

mannnnnnn the way its lookin the way these LeRron antics continue as the summer ends and we goin in the the fall and begin pre-season basketball. This time we are in a different kind of anticipation to where it looks like the Queen James is approaching the release of his best sneaker color way yet. The day the images surfaced for these the net went stupid in anticipation on where you could grab these "Miami Vice" inspired shoe. For some reason it reminds me more of a shoe that Kanye inspired. No way LeBrons corny hand shake ass  thought of these LOL nahh im hatin.

Any you can grab these if you like in Miami Wade county , as well as select retailers throughout the states just may  cary your size. As we gear closer to the release date which is October 16th and 17th observe all the detail in these images as even the lion on the tongue has the pink eye .You can try Columbus Ohio Easton market House of Hoops but the i have a feeling there lying which they told me BLACK FRIDAY! BLACK FRIDAYYY??? WTF? The new Miami house of hoops are basing there grand opening around this shoe now thats hype , and i dont want any parts of it. So if your like me and you size 8 - 10.5 head to  marqueesole.com theY are 219.00 plus shipping. i provided the link but it just may be too danm late: //marqueesole.com/php/client/product.php?id=333  ORRRRR you can do what i did and pay that 247.00 at osneaker.com which they have a full size run 1 , 2 , 3 GOOOOOOOO