Lil' Wayne has his own blog on ESPN.COM...

Weezy is finally taking advantage of his fame beyond just rambling clever metaphors over thousands of tracks at a time. Yes, Wayne must have hired a marketing agent, because he has never been this active outside of music. Little Wayne's, now that he's in Hollywood (refer to Hollywood Divorce for the pun), latest antic is his recent blogging deal with ESPN.COM. Nice move Wayne.

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November 26, 2008, 12:49 PM


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"I'm thinking LeBron and Dwyane Wade could get together and decide to team up and win championships for the next ten years."



Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there who is reading the blog right now. I think I'm going to be in Atlanta for my cousin's birthday, but unfortunately my mother will be in New Orleans, so I won't get to have any of that gumbo she usually makes me on Thanksgiving, which is a sad situation. I'm trying not to think about it. But someone else is cooking for me, and they love me, so that's really all that matters.


First of all, shout out to Rudy82586. I liked your comment in the last blog. Keep doing what you're doing. 
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Lil’ Wayne on Soccer:

I was watching Manchester United play soccer against Villareal yesterday and man, Cristiano Ronaldo gets picked on a lot. But he stood up to them yesterday, and I respect that. My favorite player is Ronaldinho, though. He makes the game look effortless. He makes it possible for a person who doesn’t know the game to instantly know it just by watching him. A lot of Americans don’t really watch soccer, which is a shame, because it’s really exciting and once you get into it it’s pretty easy to stay with it.

Lil’ Wayne on Terrell Owens:

Poor Dallas. And poor T.O. He’s gonna quit. He takes a loss differently than anyone on that team. I think he has nightmares about losing or something, because he looks like he’s about to cry after every game they lose. You see him over there on the sidelines sitting by himself just pouting like a little kid.

Lil’ Wayne on blogging:

First of all, wow. I am overwhelmed by the response to my first blog entry. I think I read the first 402 comments. A lot of them were crazy. A thousand comments in the first day? That makes me happy. I’ve been telling people, “Man I got a blog on ESPN,” and they go, “Yeah, boy, but you’re latest song is crazy!” and I’m like, “I know, but did you see my blog?” I am so excited to have this opportunity. You don’t understand. I got ESPN tattooed on my arm. I’ve had it for at least three months now, so that should show you how seriously I’m gonna take this.